Management consulting and management advisory firm with Italian capital

Sernet S.p.A. – Management Advisory is one of the most prestigious management consulting and advisory companies with Italian capital.

Founded in 1991, it has grown over time to become a leader in Italy in the management of corporate restructuring with a socially responsible approach (Socially Responsible Restructuring – SRR), judged best practice by the World Labor Organization.

Sernet’s business is focused on corporate restructuring projects through the reindustrialization of the sites undergoing disposal, the active relocation of personnel and the industrial relaunch (Reindustrialization & Turn-Around area); on the topics of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC area) and certifiable management systems; on strategy and governance of Social Responsibility (CSR Strategy & Governance area); on the organization and management of IT Security (Privacy & ICT Security area); on the best practices of Management and Strategies to create value and sustainable growth based on innovation and efficiency of the processes (Area Execution Improvement).

Since 2008, in response to the needs of its clients for energy saving solutions through innovative financing forms, the Energy area has been developed, consisting of a pool of engineers and professionals who carry out complex energy redevelopment projects in the industrial and tertiary sectors.

Thanks to the expertise and interdisciplinary nature of its consultants, Sernet counts among its highly loyal customers, many of the most prestigious companies operating in Italy that have made social responsibility an element of strategic and operational competitiveness.


Assisting the management during the most critical change processes and in relations with stakeholders, through a socially responsible approach. In fact, in its role of advisor, Sernet supports companies in processes of organizational changes that often involve very delicate areas and assets. The repercussions on human resources and the environmental context aspects require a socially responsible procedure that minimizes the  social impact as much as possible but at the same time maximizes the result in terms of sustainability and competitiveness.


Contributing to a culture of responsible development, implementing projects aimed at sustainable growth (economic, social and environmental) and the competitiveness of the company.

Process innovations, compliance with regulations also through voluntary certifications, organizational changes: these are all actions that have as their final objective the sustainable growth of the company in respect of all the subjects involved. Growth and sustainable development leads the company that has embarked on the path to improve its competitive positioning on the market.

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