Sernet – Leadership in Management Advisory

Sernet S.p.A. – Management Advisory is one of the most prestigious management advisory companies with Italian capital.

Founded in 1991, it has grown over time to become a leader in Italy in the management of corporate restructuring with a socially responsible approach (Socially Responsible Restructuring – SRR), judged best practice by the International Labour Organization, part of the United Nations Organization (source: Il Sole 24 Ore).

As an advisor Sernet supports Companies in the processes of organizational change which often involves very delicate aspects and resources.

The repercussions on the human capital and the specific territorial context require a socially responsible approach that minimizes the social impact as much as possible, maximizing re-employment together with sustainability and competitiveness.

Process changes and innovations are carried out to increase company’s agility and its ability to implement strategies (Execution), organizational restructuring for turnaround, regulatory compliance, risk management, ICT security and voluntary certifications: all these activities must not only aim at efficiency and cost reduction, but also and above all at the sustainable growth, agility and resilience of the Company in compliance with the expectations of the parties involved.

The main activity of Sernet S.p.A. is focused on 4 Business Units:

  • Reindustrialization & Execution

Projects for the reindustrialization of sites currently being disposed of and the active placement of employees, carried out according to a logic of social responsibility and sustainability. A breakthrough improvement of the process performance and the ability to execute strategies and innovation.

  • Business Advocacy

Business Advocacy uses the leverage of relations with institutions, policy makers, administrations, business communities and civil society to create a favourable climate or mitigate a hostile situation on goals that may be related to licensing processes, social consensus and crisis management.

  • ICT Security & Privacy

Support for companies in the process of complying with international standards and regulations regarding Information Security , Cyber Security, Data Protection, Business Continuity and Service Management, through risk analysis and development of management systems aligned to the main Best Practices.

  • GRC & Management Systems

Development of Organizational Models and Management Systems based on risk assessment principles, in response to legislative requirements (environment, work safety, anti-corruption, etc.) or to the requirements of the main voluntary certifiable standards to improve organizational solidity and agility.

Since 2008, in response to the needs of energy saving solutions of its clients, also through innovative financing forms, the Energy area has been developed. It consists in a pool of engineers and professionals who carry out complex real estate re-qualification and energy redevelopment projects in the industrial and tertiary sectors.

Thanks to the expertise and interdisciplinary nature of its consultants, Sernet counts among its highly loyal customers many of the most prestigious companies operating in Italy, which have made social responsibility and sustainability an element of strategic and operational competitiveness.

Assisting the management during the most critical change processes and in relations with stakeholders, through a socially responsible and sustainable approach.

Contributing to a culture of responsible development, implementing projects aimed at sustainable growth (economic, social and environmental) and competitiveness of the company.