Corporate social responsibility: a competitive factor for business success

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a theme that many companies of all types and sizes are going to face in order to formalize or normalize, especially within the most complex realities, the practices that regulate relations with the stakeholders and which are not always identified as such, even if they are socially responsible.

Acting in a socially responsible manner means to adopt strategies and policies oriented towards quality and ability to meet the needs of clients without losing sight of the community, the environment and the internal and external subjects involved in their activities.

The sustainability report, that is the reporting and communication of what has been implemented by the companies in the social-environmental field, can be reported within a system of social responsibility that must be efficient, measurable, oriented towards dialogue and comparison between the parties involved as well as the maintenance and improvement over time.

The tools used by the companies are many and are classified within the socially responsible activities that are transversal with respect to the business processes and are decisive for reinforcing consensus and corporate image. It ranges from welfare initiatives in favor of the staff to the management systems for the prevention of corruption aimed at ensuring compliance with the laws applicable to their own reality.


Ethics and corporate social responsibility

Sernet supports client companies in the analysis phase of the activities developed or of possible development in the field of ethics and corporate social responsibility, providing methodological support and project management support to define the areas of operation or to publish programmatic documents or socio-environmental reporting, possibly subject to third party assurance activities.

Sernet consultants also assist client companies in dealing with sensitive issues, also subject to specific certification, which concern ethical standards: SA 8000 and ISO 37001 certification respectively concerning company ethics with particular reference to worker safety and compliance with human rights extended to the whole supply chain and to the adoption of corruption prevention mechanisms.


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