Realize really important goals

Still in our days the 90% of corporate strategies fail not for a wrong definition of the same, but for a lack of ability to focus and / or a superficial planning and evaluation of their operational feasibility.

The Execution approach (“the discipline to get done what you have planned”) wants to respond to this, considering the three key macro-processes of each company (the strategic, the operational and the management of the human resources) in a strictly integrated way.

In particular, the execution oriented approach develops around some key points:

  • focusing on what is really important for the sustainable growth of the company, aware of the finiteness of resources;
  • adoption of a style of leadership and an engaging corporate culture for all employees in a few clear priorities on which it’s important to act simultaneously;
  • actions and initiatives that are measured with clear and monitored indicators;
  • a widespread responsibility in an environment that enhances the free creativity of those who work there.

It is then supported by the use of the most appropriate tools and methodologies according to the different specific situations faced, such as the lean organization, the six sigma, the world class manufacturing, the balanced scorecard, etc…

All this is enabled by emerging digital technologies that provide interconnection and multichannel in an integrated way with the traditional physical world. The objective of the Execution Improvement is the development of an agile company, able to change quickly and innovate, also leveraging skills and resources that are external to the organization (open innovation), able to reach and retain the target clients according to the most appropriate channels, reducing costs (including energy) of operating processes and maximizing the effectiveness of investments. A company attentive to social responsibility as an element of competitiveness aimed at sustainable growth.

Sernet is able to assist the company in this transformation through multidisciplinary skills, consultants and temporary managers with long experience, with a non-invasive approach and focused on the priority results.


  • Business & Organization Modeling

Alignment of the organization of business strategies by ensuring integration between responsibilities and objectives through the use of reward systems and strategic control based on balanced indicators (Balanced Scorecard). Strategic plans and priorities that guarantee coherences in a horizontal sense (between different functions), vertical sense (between different organizational levels) and different time horizons (short, medium and long term). Agile organizational structures and processes that foster participation and motivation for innovation at all levels (ambidextrous organizations).

  • Go To Market Strategy

Redefinition of the value proposition and methods of penetration of the target market through multi-channel, internationalization, mapping of decision-making stakeholders, specification engineering, market studies by country / channel and surveys on the competitive market. client and people satisfaction surveys.

  • Supply Chain Performance Improvement

Flow analysis, definition of industrial KPIs and reorganization of the Supply Chain in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of production, logistics and purchasing processes through tools such as Value Stream Analysis, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma.

  • Energy Efficiency & Process Cost Saving

Energy diagnostics and redefinition of industrial processes with high energy requirements with efficient and innovative solutions for energy efficiency and cogeneration with a view to reducing costs and environmental impact. Monitoring of requirements in compliance with current regulations for energy-intensive companies.

  • Digital Strategy

Definition of the strategy and operational Execution Improvement for the digital transformation of the company. Market connection strategy: brand and social media strategy, digital advertising mix, client-network model.


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