The monitoring table for Bekaert site reindustrialization and workers re-employment took place on July 17th 2019 at the Ministry of Economic Development.

Sernet, as advisor to the Belgian company, introduced the meeting by illustrating main reindustrialization and workers active re-employment activities and results to national and regional representatives of the institutions and trade unions.

The research and selection of possible reindustrializers, which is still ongoing also with the support of the MiSE and the ICE-ITA Foreign Investment Attraction Coordination Unit (Italian Trade Agency), have produced multiple contacts, with some concrete possibilities for reindustrialization.

There are two major hypotheses that are being worked on to restart production with the common commitment to give employment continuity to the workers.

Among the most important hypotheses that are being worked on (in agreement with the MiSE and Invitalia) is that of an Italian company, active in the metal processing sector, which presented an industrial plan for “hose wire” production with the expectation of 90 Bekaert workers hired in the first year of operation, a number that could increase in the following three years. The interest in the reindustrialization of the Belarusian multinational BMZ has also been confirmed: the information contacts continue at all levels, aimed to the presentation of the industrial plan.

Sernet, in collaboration with the social partners involved, is leading the further research and support activities for the workers concerned, aimed at their employment continuity, which are, in addition to reindustrialization, workers re-employment, outplacement and redevelopment.

On the active re-employment of workers (a condition that encourages employers ‘favor, further than those provided by law), 193 job offers compatible with workers’ profiles, of which 39 are still available, have been intercepted so far and is continuing the correspondence between supply and demand and the work aimed at facilitating and managing cognitive meetings between the company and workers.

The hired and work secondment in progress at another company are 52, while for another 8 workers, they are:  waiting for feedback interview, waiting for work secondment starting and training pre-hiring.

(Italian Ministry of the Economic Development, 17/07/2019)

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