Management of corporate restructuring, maximizing employment continuity

Sernet is recognized as a leading company in Italy in the management of complex reindustrialization and corporate restructuring projects carried out according to a logic of social responsibility. The objective is to relaunch the company by restructuring it in order to maximize the employment continuity of the workers involved and to enhance and re-qualify the production assets.

To this end, the Socially Responsible Restructuring (SRR) method is used, originally developed by Sernet and successfully consolidated in numerous cases carried out in very difficult and different contexts and conditions, judged best practice by the World Labor Organization (Source: Il Sole 24 Ore).

Benefits of the original Socially Responsible Restructuring method

The SRR method is transparent, structured and flexible, adaptable to the needs of the individual situation on the basis of a profound multidisciplinary and sectoral experience; it is effective and efficient in a win-win logic because it allows the company to reduce restructuring costs and conflicts with the social partners, who are actually involved in the successful outcome of the project in favor of the workers. It reduces the cost of social safety nets for the PA, maximizing the re-employment of workers and minimizing the social impact and loss of expertises on the territory.

Sernet method

For the realization of projects of reindustrialization and active placement of personnel, Sernet provides the following necessary skills in an integrated way:

  • organization and human resources;
  • institutional and industrial relations;
  • territorial intelligence and development of industrial plans for the re-launch of the area and the company turn-around;
  • technical and real estate engineering, energy management and industrial requalification;
  • communication and media relations;
  • crisis management;
  • flanking to the legal offices for the part related to the instruments of the social mitigation plan and reindustrialization.

Sernet collaborates with Trade Unions, Public Institutions (national government and local authorities) and business associations to activate all the energy and resources needed to implement the Social Mitigation Plan for a restructuring and the Occupational Continuity Program for the workers involved.

Sernet performs a widespread and extensive research of potential reindustrialization subjects, verifying the solidity and sustainability of their industrial plan; it carries out a careful analysis of the profiles to be relocated and the local labor market looking for coherent job offers possibly with a permanent contact; supports the company in defining a social mitigation plan and in negotiating with the social partners.

In this way Sernet assists all-round client companies in the optimal management of restructuring and turn-around in all its phases.

Sernet is also able to support local public administrations in the definition and management of plans for territorial recovery from an industrial point of view.

In the scouting activities of potential subcontractors qualified for reindustrialization, Sernet relies on national direct and indirect networks and on international partners.

Sernet is a founding member of ASSOREIND, Association of Advisor for Reindustrialization.


  • Reindustrialization> research of one or more potential operators interested in taking over the disused site, solidity assessment in order to implement sustainable industrial projects over time that absorb the greatest number of workers. Real estate and plant appraisal with estimation of the economic value and identification of the possible redevelopment and industrial distribution projects. Assistance for the implementation of selected reindustrialization projects.
  • Active placement of personnel> search for job offers on the territory concerned possibly with a permanent contact and matching with the profiles of workers to be relocated through public and private incentive systems. Verification of the needs and training paths to be implemented to maximize re-employability.
  • Institutional and industrial relations> facilitation and support for relations with local and national institutions in charge of crisis management and with trade unions. Assistance in defining the negotiating strategy with the social partners.
  • Crisis & reputation management> assistance in communication strategy and operational management of relations with the media. Document development and training of company spokespersons.
  • Turn-around> definition and assistance in the implementation of reorganization projects for the relaunch of the business activity in continuity or discontinuity with the business model and with the structure of the operating processes.


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