Sernet is commonly recognized as the leading company in Italy in managing complex reindustrialization and corporate restructuring projects on the line of social responsibility and sustainability. The mission is to relaunch the company by restructuring it maximizing the employment continuity of the workers involved and valuing and re-qualifying its production assets.

To this goal, we use the Socially Responsible Restructuring (SRR) method, which was originally developed by Sernet and successfully proven in many cases realized in different and very difficult contexts and conditions, judged best practice by the International Labor Organization (ILO, source: Il Sole 24 Ore). There is large evidence of the benefits that result from these projects driven with a win-win logic for all the stakeholders (workers, company, institutions, unions, business associations, other companies and organisations impacted).

The Execution oriented approach is aimed to take actions in the company organization and in its processes focusing on performances breakthrough improvement and on the ability to implement sustainable strategy and innovation through the involvement of all stakeholders.

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